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Bring a personalized answer.

The key point of our company is unquestionably its professionalism. Strong of our experience, we're capable of answering all your needs. The mastery of our system of manufacture allows us to adapt our products to your constraints.

The example of Périgueux.

To warm the church St Martin of Périgueux, us realized two chandeliers equipped with lighting. For the occasion, we made two chandeliers of 2 m 40 of the diameter, the power of 67,5 Kw. They can receive a lighting From 1 500 to 5 000 watts. They were placed at a height of 10 m in the center of both domes which form the ceiling of this church. To date, no chandelier had reached such a dimension or such a power.

Thanks to this first one, we realized an aesthetic and successful heater adapted to a precise case.