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The comfort felt by a person is in fact the synthesis of several elements (one speaks about resulting temperature) which it's advisable to take into account during the survey of a heating system .
Components of the comfort Conditions optimum for a high comfort
The temperature of the air

The surrounding masses temperature

The speed of air movement 

Element without real importance č  

Dominant element: it  must be high ě  

Dominant element: it must be weak î 


Convection way of diffuse heating

The heat is obtained by warming the air. 

  • It's necessary to warm all the volume of the building.

  • Calories scatter there where they aren't useful.

  • The comfort is precarious because the air is in movement.

  • The stake in temperature is slow.

  • The cost of functioning is very high.

The radiance way of controlled heating

The comfort is obtained by warming the occupants.

  • One warms only occupied zones.

  • Calories are directly steered on the occupants.

  • The comfort is big because there's no movement of air.

  • The comfort is almost immediate.

  • The cost of functioning is low.


The radiance by Chandeliers the controlled comfort)

Comfort optimized, aesthetic besides.

  • The directivité is optimized and better controlled.

  • One can adapt the power in between season.

  • The installation is easier and cleaner.

  • The chandeliers can support a lighting.


The heating by luminous radiant

The infrared brilliance is transformed into heat in the bodies which it meets: it warms naturally the ground and the occupants without overheating the high parts of the building.

The infrared heater propagates naturally in the chosen direction, without spending energy of transmission. The temperature of the air is lower than the temperature of comfort. The losses of calories are thus limited.

The ascent in temperature is very fast. After the ignition, all the shone power is reached in the 5 minutes.

The brilliant radiants allow a uniform distribution of the heat the ground, thus a homogeneous comfort on all the surface.

The heater by brilliant radiant gas

Warmed in a temperature of 900°c approximately, ceramic of the brilliant radiants emits(utters) a brilliance which is transformed into calorific energy on the bodies which it meets.

The combustion of the gas on patches being ceramic surfacique, it is complete.

The contents in oxide of nitrogen in the products of combustion (Nox< 20 mg / Kw / h) are sharply lower than all the European standards for distillers with reduced broadcast(emission,issue). The products of combustion are essentially constituted by dioxide of carbon ( CO2), by steam ( H20), gases physiologiquement neutral and odourless.

Respect for the environment and the economy

As the heater by brilliant radiant allows to increase the comfort in buildings(ships) while reducing from 20 to 50 % the consumption of energy with regard to the conventional techniques, he(it) contributes essentially to a reduction of the pollution and respects the quality of the environment.


Homogeneous comfort

Silencer and without movement of air

Gone up in fast temperature

Maximum of heat on the ground

Modern and economic solution

Respect for the environment